Liz Atkin

Liz Atkin is an internationally acclaimed visual artist based in London. She has Compulsive Skin Picking, a complex physical and mental disorder, but confronts the condition through art. She reimagines the body-focused repetitive behaviour of skin picking into drawings, photographs, and performances. Liz is a mental health advocate and speaker, raising awareness for the disorder, and has exhibited her work in the UK, Australia, USA, Singapore and Japan. She has been a Bethlem Gallery artist since 2013.

To stop picking on journeys, Liz draws on discarded newspapers with charcoal and gives the artwork to commuters as acts of kindness and advocacy. She has given away more than 16,000 drawings in her #CompulsiveCharcoal series so far on London Underground, the New York Subway and Singapore’s public transport system. Her work has featured on BBC News, Huffington PostMashable, Channel News Asia, Straits Times Singapore, Channel News Asia, Al Jazeera TV, BBC Arabic, The Mighty, Bloomberg Business China, amongst others. She has given talks TEDx, Wellcome Collection, Royal Society of Public Health, TLC Global Conference for Skin Picking and Hair Pulling Disorders 2016, Body Dysmorphia Foundation Conference 2017, OCD Action Conference 2018 UK. As a freelance creative practitioner Liz works in therapeutic settings, schools, galleries, prisons, hospitals and arts venues around the world, teaching visual art, set design and drama to all ages from early years to adults. She has taught at UCLA, USC Keck School of Medicine, Lasalle University of the Arts in Singapore, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Singapore and more.  

Twitter: @Lizatkin

Instagram: /Liz­_Atkin