I’m a disabled artist working mainly with photographic self-portraiture. My distinctively dark and evocative self-depictions, intimately reflect my ongoing struggles with mental illness. My series ‘A Bedtime Story’ was produced in response to the debilitating effects the pandemic had upon my already fragile mental health. My anxiety and depression have severely worsened and my nights are now plagued with voices.

I’m currently bedbound, so produce all my work within this 2 by 1.5 metre space. I love daisies but feel afraid and unable to visit them, as my voices told me I’m not allowed to leave home. So I paint the nature I long to be within upon my skin and my bedsheets.

My use of the daisy flowers both relates to my desire to be within nature and my wish to remain close with my only childhood and imaginary friend ‘Daisy’.

Using a special ‘bed easel’ my partner made for me, I can intimately hand -colour my photographic prints without leaving the safety of bed. This process allows me to add further layers of emotion until the image is born.

My life and art have become inextricably entwined, to bury my struggles deep within would allow them to thrive, but through my use of art as therapy, I am offered a cathartic release.

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