Keith Clapson

Keith Clapson is a practicing ceramic artist and graduated from the CityLit Ceramics Diploma in 2023. His philosophy is one of maximalism: a ‘more is more’ way of working. This has been forged through experimentation with unique glazes and textures that draw in or repel, pigments created through the interplay of metals and heat, and a prolific output. 

Clapson’s work has been influenced by a process of managing obsessive compulsive disorder. In former times, he would avoid objects or environments he considered unsterile, unpredictable or unfamiliar. His works and process reference this, reclaiming tactility as a narrative. 

“I am continuing a journey of self-discovery. Ceramics has helped me maintain my recovery from OCD, it has enabled me to express my feelings through the medium of clay, it has given me focus and, importantly, given me immense pleasure. 

Starting my career in art in 2017 opened up a new world for me. More than ever before I have a desire to see and to learn. I try to view life and my work with humour and compassion.” 

Touching the Surface (Bethlem Gallery 2023) is his first solo show and he has shown previously at The Menier Gallery, CityLit Gallery and The Ortus Centre at The Maudsley Hospital. 

He volunteers as a mentor to patients at The Bethlem Hospital Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit (ADRU), where he was an inpatient for four months in 2017, teaches ceramics to patients in the Occupational Therapy department, and volunteers elsewhere including at Stonewall. 

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