Keith Clapson

I am at the start of a journey to create a style of maximalism work in my own field, slowly developing techniques, textures, glazes and looks that are unique to me and my working.  For me Maximalisation is producing work with no restraints on colour, texture and quantity, more is never enough.  I am usually working on five pieces at once.  I use found objects from markets and charity shops.  I destroy them in a controlled manner, then reconstruct them into new works make them new and unrecognisable.  Some of the key themes I explore through this are colour and texture through glaze, I like to incorporate other materials like metal and glass.  I am fascinated by bold and bright colours, unusual shapes and the tactile looking textures.  Through my Foundation Diploma in Art & Design at CityLit, I discovered my own pathway into ceramics, I have totally immersed myself in the free reign approach, practicing trial and error outcomes of materials.  I want to develop my ceramic skills, the foundation has given me a huge insight and experience of these mediums, but I want more, I want to advance in every possible technique that is available.   I was totally broken mentally as a person, for almost 20 years.  OCD had taken my life away from me, triggering depression and anxiety, I had lost everything except a very dark sense of humour and an obsession with Madonna.  After recovery at The Royal Bethlem Hospital in 2017 I began my art studies.  From the broken remain of the past I want to make new; bright, beautiful, colourful, bold, funny, sarcastic, crude, drips, blobs, gloop and glaze!  I have realised that my main research has really been myself, discovering life again, being able to go out alone, live like a human.

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