Robyn Smith

Robyn Clare Smith


Robyn mostly explores her ideas through the medium of glass and uses sculptural and conceptual approaches to interpret them. However her latest pieces involved 3D printing and laser cutting techniques.


Working with flamboyance and sensitivity, she explores ideas of boundaries and barriers, particularly mental limitations in the mind. Using allegories she illustrates divides be­tween different worlds, emotions or states of conscious­ness. Robyn en­joys the contrast of fragility and strength that glass brings to her art and attempts to convey vulnerability whilst pro­ducing strong and physically powerful pieces.


 “The glass curtains were an illustration of loss and the past; the mirrored gates were an attempt to step forward. The making of them was a decision to enter a new phase and leave the past behind.”


The mirrored glass gates disappear into their surroundings whilst reflecting the viewer and making them part of the piece. For the artist they are imbued with the memory of:


“…..Sitting at my bedroom window overlooking an abandoned Asylum in Barming, where the word “barmy” originates. With a new Hospital a mile away there remained one functioning psychiatric ward. Discarded medical notes blew about the grounds and at night eerie glows came from the upstairs win­dows from squatters candles.”


Robyn’s work invites an emotional response. When confronted by her mirrored gates you might ask yourself: Is this an entrance to a stately home, a cemetery, Heaven or Hell, or an Insane Asylum? Are we observing from the inside or the outside? Are we being kept safe from someone? Or is it they who are being kept safe from us?