Our Vision, Mission and Values


An equitable society where art and mental health are a valued part of every day. 

We work with artists to lead change in health and society. 

We are a visual arts organisation that strives to: 

Advocate: we value and support artists and arts practice, advocate for the position of art and artists in society.  

Be Equitable: we strive to act ethically, inclusively and allocate resources, time and care equitably.  

Be Ambitious: 
we aim for excellence in artistic practice and want the best for the people we work with. We are imaginative, reflective, collaborative, multidisciplinary, and take creative risks.

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Support our Gallery By making a donation to Bethlem Gallery, you are helping us support artists who find it difficult to access mainstream art opportunities at a formative time in their career and create inspiring experiences for audiences. Donations also support us to engage the public in debate and promote greater understanding of mental health.

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