Jan Arden

JAN has always had the ability to draw from an early age and liked to copy cartoons and comic book characters before moving on to drawing fantasy figures and creatures from his imagination. It was in his late teens that he began to take an interest in the performing arts. For many years he studied mime, dance, singing and Drama before coming back to drawing and painting in 2009. Jan worked as a professional performer appearing in west end shows and touring throughout the UK as well as doing street theatre and avant garde performance pieces at the Fulham studios and festivals. He likes to combine Celtic knot-work with African faces and south American Shamanistic Aztec priests, peoples, animals, symbols and shapes. He creates what he sees on the paper after moving the Biro in dance like movements, eyes closed and reaching into the subconscious for inspiration and guidance. Jan grew up in the shadow of the Tate Britain and was encouraged to visit often by his father and to sit and draw. He learnt to draw by studying other artists and the world around him and that is what he does today, sitting and drawing, painting and creating works that move and inspire him. With no formal training Jan considers himself an Outsider Artist unbridled and free to express all that he needs to through the medium of his artistic talent.Jan was born in Dublin Ireland of mixed Irish Dominican parentage and weaves together the cultural style and artistic influences of his heritage. Also he is a great fan of Jimi Hendrix having met him at a party in 1969 and has painted some pictures inspired by the man and his music. His favourite medium at the moment is the humble Biro and he also likes to work with acrylics. Exhibitions I have had since 2013 William Morris centre Bexley 2013 2014 Portico gallery West Norwood London 2014 Bridge cafe Southwark London 2014 CGP Gallery Southwark Park London 2014 Outsider Art Fair Paris France 2014 Reggio Emilia Italy 2014 Bethlem Galley Beckenham 2013 2014 2015 2016 Barking Community Arts Centre London 2015 Menier Gallery London 2016 Ortus Learning and Event centre London 2015 2016 Stratford Library London 2016 Dragon Cafe London march 2016 Two Brewers Gallery London 2016 Upcoming shows Oxford Bethlem Galley School of psychic studies Dragon cafe group show with mental spaghetti.

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