Never Ending Story, Martin Wade
Paper Aeroplanes, Martin Wade

Studio Showcase: Martin Wade

Bethlem Gallery Studio

3rd February – 23rd March 2018

Open 10am – 5pm, Wednesday – Friday, including first and last Saturdays of the month


Studio Showcase is a space for artists to show more of their work and talk about their unique art practice. First in the series is Martin Wade.

“Free from any classical training I paint unhindered by convention and accordingly explore colour and composition on my own terms.  The emphasis of my art is not one of gloom or resignation brought about by trauma and armed conflict but one of optimism, resilience, common humanity and faith in one’s innate ability and willingness to heal and grow in compassion. My carefully composed work expresses themes and emotions often not clearly articulated in words. Straight lines achieved by building up layers of hand mixed paint and the use of a specialist masking tape is a consistent characteristic of much of my work. All you see is executed with one brush. Precision is handmade.”


To find out more about Martin’s work visit:


Martin's Studio
Compassionate Voyage, Martin Wade

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