How We Work
Image courtesy Yas Martinez

How We Work
Bethlem Artist Collective

ORTUS, 82-96 Grove Lane, SE5 8SN

24 May – 1 September  2023

Open 8am – 5pm, Mon – Fri

This is the first exhibition of work by the Bethlem Artist Collective (BAC).

The Collective was established in autumn 2022 and includes 10 artists. It was set up to encourage friendship and ways of working together following the isolation of the pandemic.

The vision of the Collective is to operate within the ideals of the Bethlem Gallery, to advocate and to document art made both collectively and individually, to investigate the methods and processes of a critical creative practice, to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, all against a backdrop of mutual support and a generosity of spirit.

A collective “has no score to play by except the score it writes as it plays” (Adapted from Keith Sawyer)

Artists: Carlos Cortes, Corinne, Karta Kaur, Sage, Michelle Baharier, Nicola Field, Robyn Smith, Sarah Lloyd (Carpenter), Sue Morgan, Yas Martinez.

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