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A pencil drawing of a small figure standing resolutely, but casting a long dark shadow behind themselves. The person and shadow are black and white but surrounded by a pale yellow glow.
AMASS: Artworks from Bethlem Occupational Therapy Art Studio

AMASS: Artworks from Bethlem Occupational Therapy Art Studio

20 September – 15 December 2023
The Long Gallery, Maudsley Hospital

(To visit the Long Gallery, please go to the reception at the Maudsley Hospital – there they can let you in and direct you to the Gallery corridor.)

Presented by the Occupational Therapy’s Art Studio at Bethlem Royal Hospital, AMASS: Artworks from Bethlem Art Studio, is an exhibition showcasing archival work by service users connected to South London and Maudsley Foundation Trust.

It features a small selection of paintings, drawings and prints from the archive of works that have been left behind once inpatients have been discharged. The exhibition has been curated by Terence Wilde, a professional artist who has worked in the OT art studio for over 20 years alongside other colleagues.

The exhibition’s title plays on the large amount of abandoned art works left over the last 20 years and lovingly archived at the art studio. 

Exhibiting artists: Steph Bates, Dan Duggan, Roy, Imma, and many unknown artists.  

Lead image credit: I Wish I Was As Tall As My Shadow, Steph Bates. 

The Art Studio and Occupational Therapy at Bethlem Royal Hospital

The Art Studio is a unique space led by Head Occupational Therapist Peter O’Hare at Bethlem Royal Hospital. The art sessions provide a relaxed, safe space for people to express themselves creatively. Art sessions are led by professional artists who invite patients to learn a range of techniques including painting, drawing, printing, and mixed media. The art studio supports artists to develop their work in a social and collaborative space.

Alongside psychiatric treatments, art instructors provide art sessions to inpatients to connect, engage, increase self-esteem, provide a sense of purpose, and give a structure to the day. Working within the Occupational Therapy service engages patients in creative activities through the simple process of identifying and developing their skills and ideas. The role of the arts staff is to consistently nurture confidence and foster a supportive, playful environment.

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