Leave a legacy for Bethlem Gallery – leave a gift in your will

Bethlem Gallery is a visual arts organisation in south-east London. We programme creative activities, projects and commissions to participate in, look at, talk and think about. Based at Bethlem Royal Hospital, Beckenham, and working across South London and the UK, we support the professional development and socially engaged practice of our artists, many of whom have experienced mental health services. We bridge communities, aiming to make art an everyday practice and mental health an everyday conversation.

You can ensure the Gallery’s future by leaving a money to support us in your will. This generous act is called a ‘legacy’ or legacy ‘gift’.  By doing this, you will support artists wellbeing by directly helping their work, resourcing our future programmes and supporting the wellbeing of our wider community. 

Leaving an unrestricted gift has the most benefit to Bethlem Gallery, allowing us to adapt to the needs of the future. We would be happy to discuss with you, in confidence, how your generous donation might be used to support a particular area of work – and also how you would like us to acknowledge it.  There are several specific ways to support Bethlem Gallery in this way.  These have specific legal names, as follows:

a Pecuniary gift: this is when you leave us or someone a specific sum of money.

a Residuary gift:  this is one made up of the remaining value of your estate, once all other things (gifts to others, debts, taxes and fees, etc) have been sorted out.

Specific gifts: These are non-monetary. People sometimes leave assets such as property, stocks, shares or other valuables. It is really helpful to know about Specific gifts planned by someone in advance.

If you’ve already made your will but would now like to leave us a legacy gift too, you can create something called a ‘Codicil’ for this purpose.  (You can download our simple form to do this, here).

If you would like any more information on leaving a Legacy to Bethlem Gallery, please contact our Director, Sophie Leighton, by email at director@bethlemgallery.com  

Bethlem Gallery advise anyone making a will or updating an existing one to seek independent legal advice.

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