1st July - 26th August
Bethlem Gallery
Open 10am - 5pm, Wednesday - Friday, including first and last Saturdays of the month

To kick start celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the Bethlem Gallery, and in the spirit of our artist-led space, we invited Jane Fradgley to curate a showcase of our artists’ work spanning two decades.

Over the years the gallery has earned a reputation of excellence for the quality and diversity of the work we display. We continue to campaign for access to the arts in health environments and champion the important role that art can play in our lives.
Jane says of her peers and their work – ‘For me the wonderful abundance of responses, whether playful, thoughtful, fantastical, dark or vibrant never ceases to inspire. With truth and beauty this unique and profound collective of creatives, driven by a myriad of experiences, share insights with courage, stay different and continue to LIVE another day.’


A lively events programme accompanies this exhibition. Information on the events programme will shortly be uploaded on our website


Exhibiting artists: Albert, Alex Izzard, Angelique Lin, Anthony Carry, Dan Duggan, Daniel Regan, George Harding, Glen, Imma Maddox, James Stewart Dallas, James Tanner, Jan Arden, Jonathan Lill, John Healy, Kim Noble, Kristian, Lisa Biles, Matthew, Max Reeves, Mo B, Pat Mear, Phil Baird, Phillip Stephens, Rebecca Reid Scott, Rodney, Sam Sakya, Sara Haq, Sarah Carpenter, Sue B, Sue Morgan, & Terence Wilde.


Image above by Sarah Carpenter