8th January - 13th March
Studio showcase: Crowds are not us by Fatma Durmush
Bethlem Gallery studio
Open 10am - 5pm Wednesday - Friday. Including first and last Saturdays of the month

Crowds are not us features a series of drawings and paintings depicting unknown figures by the artist Fatma Durmush. The works were produced from observation of people in the street and explore Fatma’s reoccurring themes of loneliness and childhood. The studio showcase gives an artist the opportunity to show new work directly from their studio, wherever that may be.

“I started painting when I was 37 years old. I wanted to bring colour into my world, as my writing was not going anywhere. I became ill and received art therapy but then went onto study painting and printmaking at the University of East London at undergraduate and masters level. At University I received encouragement and support and most of the students there were adults. Now I paint at home where I do a lot of thinking, reading and writing. I have had some of my writing published online and with several publishers. When I was at University there was a teacher who said that painting and writing should go together but I always found it difficult to combine the two. Then last year they gelled for me and I began to be interested in words and painting at the same time. You can see this interest reflected in the works’ titles.”


Image credits from left to right:

Crowds are not us, pen and water colour on paper

my brother asked? pastels on paper