‘A Green Thought In A Green Shade’, online symposium (9th September 2023) – YouTube

A group of volunteers restoring the heritage orchard at Bethlem Royal Hospital. They have wheelbarrows and spades, and one is digging a hole.

Volunteers restoring the heritage orchard at Bethlem Royal Hospital. Photo: Bethlem Royal Hospital. We are pleased to be able to share a recording of our final Elsewhere symposium, with Sergio Heredero and Billy Styles. Our exhibition ‘Elsewhere’ interrogated the idea of public space – how we can use creativity to move beyond closed and restricted […]

Audio Descriptions for Elsewhere, by Karta Kaur

Audio Descriptions for ‘Elsewhere’, by Karta Kaur  Artist Karta Kaur has recorded a series of audio descriptions of our exhibition ‘Elsewhere‘ (24 May – 9 September 2023). As well as allowing for better accessibility to visually-impaired people, her evocative and thoughtful descriptions are a fascinating new way to experience Elsewhere for all. Each description has […]

Bethlem Salon Series 2: ‘FOLK AUTHORITY’ (17th July 2023) – YouTube

Screenshot from Simon Costin’s presentation We are pleased to be able to share a recording of the second Bethlem Salon Series symposium, with Simon Costin and Max Reeves. With shamanism the fastest-growing religion in the UK and more pagans and Wiccans counted in the 2022 census than ever before, it’s no surprise to see folk […]

Celebrating the NHS’s 75th Birthday

Photo courtesy of Amanda Pritchard Amanda Pritchard, CEO of NHS England, chose works from Bethlem Gallery to display in her office as part of the NHS’s 75th birthday celebrations. Amanda chose ‘Untitled’ by Raymond and ‘The Sky and Mountain’ by George Harding. She later tweeted: “Thank you to Bethlem Gallery for loaning me this incredible […]

Baba’s Digital Residency for Elsewhere

Photo Bethlem Gallery Photo Bethlem Gallery Photo Bethlem Gallery Baba took over the Gallery’s Instagram account this week as part of his digital residency in our current Elsewhere exhibition.  The images show him exploring the theme of public space in a large-scale work created in the grounds of Bethlem Royal Hospital. Working in acrylic paint […]

Bethlem Artists and Turf Projects Residency

Board by Nicola Field Board by Corinne Boards by Yas Martinez (L) and Michelle Baharier (R) Collaborative board by Sarah Lloyd (Carpenter) and Sue Morgan As part of the exhibition programme for our current show Elsewhere, six Bethlem artists are taking part in a residency with Turf Projects at Wandle Park and across Croydon. As concerns […]

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