Xavier White: Action for Brain Injury Week 2024

Artist Xavier White suffered a serious brain injury aged 18, while cycling. Prior to his brain injury Xavier had planned to go onto formal arts education. The brain trauma he sustained halted this dream for a period but, through rehabilitation, Xavier developed a creative language which he used to illustrate his recovery journey. Xavier has spent the last 40 years in pursuit of creativity and realising his potential as an artist, as well as raising awareness around brain trauma and living with a brain injury.

“I am amazed at the good fortune I’ve had on this journey and the support given to me by others. A brain trauma can happen to anyone in an instant and can lead to a lifetime of frustration and isolation and often affects interpersonal and family relationships”.

Xavier delivered several events as part of Headway’s Action for Brain Injury Week 2024, including a tour of artwork he has donated to The Maudsley – the hospital where he was treated after his injury. He also worked with patients currently on the brain injury ward at the hospital for a workshop called ‘Re-think your brain’, creating the beautiful painted brains you can see here.

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