Michelle Baharier and Chris Lewis-Jones at the opening for Being Present

‘The Great British Tea Break’ by Michelle Baharier and Chris Lewis-Jones

We are pleased to be able to share a recording of artists Michelle Baharier and Chris Lewis-Jones performing ‘A Great British Tea Break’ at the opening event for the exhibition Being Present, Bethlem Gallery, 31 January 2023.

Being Present is a group exhibition and event presenting work by artists from Bethlem Gallery, London and Primary, Nottingham.

As part of their work together, Michelle and Chris explored ideas associated with being, presence, wellbeing and the Great British Tea Break. They are interested in exploring the significance of class in the tea break and the catering industry.

As part of their performance Chris and Michelle served tea to visitors. The names of the teas evoke psychological conditions: anxietea, hostilitea, hospitalitea… The artists wore costumes including hats and text-heavy overalls, referencing mental health, Lewis-Carol’s Hatter’s Tea Party, and catering jobs. 

As part of the exhibition, you can also record your thoughts and feelings and display them on a ‘tea tree’, as seen in the video.

Video courtesy Michelle Baharier:

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