Open Call for Artwork for South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust) are building 2 new hospital buildings – New Douglas Bennett House, a centre for adults, and the Pears Maudsley Centre for Children and Young People. Find out more about the project here.

Bethlem Gallery are inviting you to submit your artwork to become a permanent part of the Trust Art Collection, displayed in staff areas in the new centres.

What are we looking for? 

  • that are calming and inspired by nature
  • that are made from stable materials and which won’t degrade over time 
  • with a value between £20 and £450 (inclusive of VAT and expenses) 
  • that are wall-based and unframed 
  • which weigh less than 8kg 
  • which measure less than 1m x 1m. 

Who is eligible to submit their work?  

  • People over the age of 18 
  • People with lived experience of mental health conditions or who live in Croydon, Lewisham, Lambeth or Southwark. 

What is the selection process? 

  • Every artwork submitted will be reviewed by the Bethlem Gallery Team and artists affiliated with the Gallery, who will create a shortlist of artworks 
  • The shortlist will be presented to Trust staff who will be working in the building. They will select the artworks that will become part of the Trust Art Collection 
  • We will contact everyone who submitted work to let them know if their work has been selected or not.

What if my artwork is selected?  

  • We will send you a contract to review and sign 
  • You will send us your artwork and an invoice  
  • Once the contract is signed and your invoice paid your artwork will become part of the Trust Art Collection.  

How do I submit my artwork?  

  • To submit your application please scroll down to complete the online application form (please note the form has been deleted now that applications are  closed) 
  • Applications are open until 5 September 2022

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have any questions which have not been answered here, please email 

How do I work out what my artwork is worth?  
In the form below we ask for the price of your artwork. You should be paying yourself at least London Living Wage or Living Wage depending on where you live.  

Times this (or your standard hourly rate) by the number of hours you spent making the artwork.  

Calculate any material costs and expenses you have or will encounter whilst making this artwork and submitting it to the Open Call.  

Add these two figures together – this is a baseline fee for what you should be charging.  

Please note, the maximum fee for the Open Call is £450 including expenses.  

Can I submit my artwork via post? 
No – unfortunately, we will not be able to accept artwork by post at this stage of the application process. Please include photographs of your artwork in the application.  


Is there someone I can speak to about submitting my artwork?  

Yes, if you would like to speak to someone prior to submitting your artwork, please email

If my art is selected to become part of the Trust Art Collection, do I still have ownership? 
You will retain the moral rights to your artwork but the artwork itself and an intellectual property licence will become the property of South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. This means that they will keep the artwork and be able to use and sell images of it.  In the rare event that merchandise is created or an image licence is sold, where any profit is made, we will consult the artist and seek to share this. 

Does my art need to be insured? 
If your artwork is selected and once it is in our care the Trust will shoulder any risk. Before it arrives on Trust property, and in transit, any risk is shouldered by the artist. 

Can I submit a sculpture? 
No, unfortunately we are unable to accept 3D work, unless it can be framed with a depth of less than 10cm.  

How many artworks can I submit?
Each artist can submit one artwork. If the artwork you are submitting is compiled of multiple, separately displayed images we would consider this a single submission.


Applications have now closed. 

If you have any queries about your application please email

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