Screenshot from Simon Costin's presentation

Bethlem Salon Series 2: ‘FOLK AUTHORITY’ (17th July 2023) – YouTube

We are pleased to be able to share a recording of the second Bethlem Salon Series symposium, with Simon Costin and Max Reeves.

With shamanism the fastest-growing religion in the UK and more pagans and Wiccans counted in the 2022 census than ever before, it’s no surprise to see folk customs being revived and updated for the modern world. Activists involved in the environmental movement are making these customs their own, using them to reconnect with the planet and defy establishment structures. 

Artist Max Reeves and Simon Costin, Director of the Museum of British Folklore lead an online conversation about all things ‘folk’. 

This event runs alongside the group exhibition Elsewhere which shows from 24 May to 9 September 2023. 

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