“Archangel Metatron is the highest archangel in the angelic realm , Metatron is not as well known as archangel Gabriel or Michael but is mentioned in many books like the books of Enoch and more recently the film “Dogma” . Archangel Metatron has been my guardian angel throughout my life . When I was 7 years old I drew him for the first time , but didn’t realise until my father showed me the drawing recently . For the last 3 years whilst in and out of hospital I have been drawing and painting new incarnations of Metatron and mandala type drawings all associated with this great being . The star of David features a lot in my work this hexagram is present in all religions but my interest in it stems from it representing the Merkaba which is a celestial vehicle that everyone possesses, in some depictions of Christ ascending you can see that he is surrounded by a star or in a hexagram/ star of David . I believe that my art is a channeling from archangel Metatron and my goal is to bring this great angel to peoples’ hearts and minds. It takes me a couple of months to do one piece as I do it bit by bit . In one of my first drawings called “Archangel Metatron” you can discern an oval face in the middle with the star of David as a third eye this kind of “happy coincidence” occurs throughout my work and I believe is what makes it that more exciting.”