Mansions in the Orchard, Max Reeves

Share this event Mansions in the Orchard, Max Reeves Bethlem Gallery 9th January – 31st January 2014 The red-brick mansions canopied by the trees of the Monks Orchard Estate have gazed down at the people using the Bethlem site for over eighty years. This exhibition combines symbolic site-specific photography by Max Reeves with the memories […]

Edward Adamson Festival

Share this event Edward Adamson Festival Bethlem Gallery 12th February – 5th July 2014 The Edward Adamson Festival celebrated the life and work of Edward Adamson (1911-1996), visionary pioneer of art as therapy, creator of the Adamson Collection; and the thirty year anniversary of the publication of Adamson’s and John Timlin’s book, ‘Art of Healing’ […]

Chance & Serendipity, Erroll Mitchell

Share this event Chance & Serendipity, Erroll Mitchell Bethlem Gallery 20th March – 11th April 2014 “I am interested in forms that suggest things rather than images that define all. My practice focuses on the effects of chance and serendipity by distancing the intellectual conception from the activity of painting. I find the strong marks made […]

Hand to Mind

Share this event Hand to Mind Bethlem Gallery 22nd May – 20th June 2014 From artists and pharmacists to gardeners and nurses, gestures convey meaning, configure relationships and are in themselves forms of cognition – ways of knowing and being in the world. The exhibition is one outcome of a year-long exploration of gesture and […]


Share this event Sanctuaries Anxiety Festival, ORTUS, Maudsley Learning Centre 21st June 2014 Artists Christina Kral and ‘Patient X’ present their collaborative work commissioned by Anxiety Festival 2014 exploring the idea of personal sanctuaries and acts of self-care within the everyday. The modular cardboard spaces explore the concept and practice of dwelling. These participatory structures […]

Dizziness of Freedom

Share this event Dizziness of Freedom Anxiety Festival, Bermondsey Project 26th June – 13th July 2014 Dizziness of freedom is a group exhibition exploring the notion of choice in a contemporary society defined by consumerism, an excess of information and endless possibilities Bringing philosopher Søren Kierkegaard’s Concept of anxiety to present times, the artists approach […]

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