Phantasmagoria, Bethlem Museum

Share this event Phantasmagoria, Bethlem Museum Bethlem Gallery 26th August – 10th September 2010 An exhibition of paintings and drawings from the Bethlem Museum’s Reserve Collection by British Surrealist artists in the 1930s whilst under the controlled influence of mescaline. The results of these hallucinations or ‘experimental psychosis’ are a vivid and revealing visual insight […]

The Bethlem Tapestry

Share this event The Bethlem Tapestry Bethlem Gallery 23rd September – 15th October 2010 To mark World mental health day 2010 patients, staff, carers and volunteers from the National Psychosis Unit at Bethlem Royal Hospital show a modern twist on the notion of tapestry. Ten meters of stretched silk comprises images and text made by […]

The Passions of Richard Dadd

Share this event The Passions of Richard Dadd Bethlem Gallery 13th January – 28th January 2011   An exploration of works painted by the noted Victorian artist, Richard Dadd, during his confinement in the Bethlem Royal Hospital and Broadmoor Hospital. The exhibition investigates Dadd’s expression of emotions ranging from agony to joy and hatred to […]

Fringe Artists

Share this event Fringe Artists Guardian Gallery 22nd March – 31st March 2011 An exhibition showcasing work by contemporary artists who have been marginalised through mental health or disability.

Folding Space, Jane Fradgley

Share this event Folding Space, Jane Fradgley Bethlem Gallery 14th April – 7th May 2011 The Bethlem Gallery is pleased to present photographic works by artist Jane Fradgley in her first solo show. This body of work is informed by a deep fascination with the poetic power of folds and textures. The materials, objects and […]

Drawn From Experience

Share this event Drawn From Experience SW1 Gallery 4th May – 28th May 2011 An exhibition including paint, print and sculpture from Bethlem’s Artists whose work illustrates their unique life experiences and issues surrounding mental health. Sue Morgan, Raymond, Rodney, Terence Wilde, Kim Noble, Albert, Roy, Jonathan Lill and George Harding

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