Viewfinders Toolkit by Sue Morgan

Artist Sue Morgan has created a toolkit exploring how to work with light and colour, and look in new ways at the views through your windows.

Please download Sue’s toolkit HERE

You will need:
*Coloured acetate or coloured cellophane (thinner & more fiddly to use, certainly with a viewfinder, but useful to cover a larger area, & to mix & match).
*Cellotape (Scotch invisible is nice to use), bluetack or glue
*Scissors, set square
*Black Sharpie pens for drawing onto the acetate or cellophane
*Black cartridge paper, coloured papers, tracing paper, graph paper.

How to make a viewfinder
1. Get a piece of card, about A5 size.
2. Draw diagonals on it from corner to corner. This will give you a centrepoint, where the diagonals intersect.
3. From the centrepoint draw up a vertical & a horizontal line using a setsquare.
4. Again from the centrepoint, measure & mark the size of the “window” you want, following the vertical & horizontal lines & use a set square to draw out the “window”.
5. Tear,  or use scissors, a scalpel or stanley blade to create the window.

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image of a black paper square used to frame a section of a drawing

Viewfinder example with drawing by Sue Morgan


Sue Morgan’s Bethlem Gallery page is here.