Bethlem Friday Focus – Baba

As part of our temporary weekly programme Under Construction, every Friday Bethlem Gallery present artists’ work through film & video screenings, conversations, resources and online projects.

This week we have invited artist Baba to share some of his digital works, photographs and his podcast series ‘Feelings From The Art’ produced with mentor Mr E from XLP.



Perhaps better known for his expressive paintings, currently on show at the Maudsley Long Gallery, and for his colourful character designs, Baba is also very active using his mobile phone as an art-making tool and  making a diverse range of digital works. He created a series of digital drawings of various symbols or shields when he got a new phone and found he had no photos to assign his contacts. So using a mobile phone app, he drew symbols that represent the personality and charachteristics of his friends and family. Traveling around South London, Baba documents and responds to things he sees and experiences with immediacy and shares his photos and drawings through his instagram accounts @judarh_rusk & @professerobabalascar

Baba is thankful to XLP for providing him with a mentor in 2019 where together they produced their own podcast. He is now inspired to create his own and has been recording in his room during lockdown, watch this space.

Through making art, you express the unseen side of yourself, its like underneath your skin, the ghost inside your shell. You are your own creator and your own god. You have infinite amount of imagination.” – Baba