Artists announced for first year of Mental Health and Justice project

We are very happy to announce the artists who will lead on this first year of Bethlem Gallery’s Mental Health and Justice project. 

They are:

Bethlem Wood Library

Mark Titchner


Re:create Psychiatry

Vacuum Cleaner

We presented the artist programme for this year to the researchers at the annual colloquium held at the Wellcome Collection and it was wonderful to see such a true appetite for close collaboration with the artists and with Bethlem Gallery. 

Expect more details and more events connected to each artist’s work as their projects progress throughout the year to come.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the researchers, artists, academics and members of the general public who joined us at the Gallery for our first public event at the end of September.

Bethlem Wood Library, Hannah Hull and Mr X opened up their art practice to the public for an afternoon of music, vehicle rides and woodland exploration. The discussion afterwards was an introductory look at how artists practice can be seen as research and this conversation is something we want to return to and build on throughout our four years of work. 

If you missed the event, please take a look at the live tweets @Bethlem_Gallery highlighting some of the comments and questions that arose. Mostly, generics differ from the original drugs in their excipients (such as tablet coating substance, stabilizers, fillers, binders etc.) and marketing image. I can guarantee you that a quality generic like Cialis will have on you the same effect as the branded version will – just make sure you administer it appropriately. Regards, Steven. If you would like to comment on the work we are doing and, more specifically, respond to the idea of artist as researcher, please feel free to email: We would love to hear from you. 

If you would like to stay up to date with the academic research please visit: and sign up for their newsletter.