World mental health day 2017

To mark World Mental Health Day 2017 Bethlem Gallery Artist Kim has written a poem. 


Yesterday was painful

But also beautiful

Too unbearable

Also bliss

You see a summer falls to winter,

There are transitional seasons

But it’s the cold and the hot days you remember

It’s world mental health day!

I’ve been mentally ill ½ my life

I know how to handle it now but I ask myself,

Is life a dream or reality? (alright I may have been watching the matrix too often)

Would you go off with David Bowie in the labyrinth or rescue your screaming nephew?

My mum says she’d go off with David Bowie! No question!! and she is wise

So with those times of uncertainty and struggle, try to keep the good times in the back of your mind

As Einstein said, time is relative

I believe life is relative, if you pick it apart bit by bit, you find good and bad.

believe me I have picked it apart whilst lying in bed a million times, into a million fibres and few thousand atoms,

for mental health day, I am going to turn the hour glass over and relive my good memories again, because that’s what makes me happy!

By Kim