RE:CREATE Psychiatry – Let Your Voice be Heard

A RE:CREATE Psychiatry project questioning notions of resilience in the therapeutic encounter.

The aim of this project is to provide a platform for unheard and marginalised voices in mental health services and connect them to a wider community. To start a conversation between patients on SLaM Wards and Service Users in the Community at The Dragon Café. It is, for all intents and purposes, a simple aspiration – but one that will have to address a significant barrier in order to be effective. By all accounts isolation, as that signi cant barrier and as both a cause and effect of mental ill-health, is rife within mental health services – detrimentally impacting both those who use services and the staff that provide services.

This is a project that will not only address the isolation in mental health services but one that also seeks to widen perspectives on who is affected by it. Over a series of facilitated dialogues, we aim to redefine ‘peer’ for both patient and clinician, and service-user and mental health professional.

In October – and through an innovative approach that will connect variously isolated populations, with differing needs, across different sites, via one methodology – the project will facilitate, record, and broadcast a series of discussions between service-users and mental health professionals in both inpatient and community settings. Responses to these discussions – thematically focused on attainable and unattainable resilience – will then be recorded and broadcasted or ‘bounced back’ between Bethlem Gallery and The Dragon Café to anchor, further, and extend the dialogue; to give an unheard population a voice; and to connect them to a larger support network.

Conversation “bounce-backs” between the Bethlem campus and The Dragon Café, will be supported and further explored by RE:CREATE Psychiatry workshops and evening events at The Dragon Café every Monday in October to delve deeper into the multi-perspectives on resilience. These workshops and events are open to all.

This project forms part of a wider on-going RE:CREATE Psychiatry study on the impact traditionally fixed roles have on the wellbeing of both service-user and mental health professional and is funded by London Catalyst. Many European pharmacies are not allowed to sell Viagra at a lower price than the legally regulated final price. The final price is made up of the manufacturer’s sales price and the surcharges of wholesalers and pharmacies – which always mean the above average drug pricing. That is why online pharmacies flourish; I’m about to make it my business too. RE:CREATE Psychiatry is an exploratory platform, which works to facilitate open and equal forms of dialogue between those who use mental health services and those who provide them. It was born of The Dragon Café and is delivered by Mental Fight Club – a charity founded, led, and delivered by service-users.

We are very excited to be collaborating with RE:CREATE Psychiatry on this project, please visit their website for more information