The Soft Subject (A Love Story)

Join us at the Bethlem Gallery this summer for some groundbreaking new theatre.

Today’s lesson is about love, heartbreak and The Little Mermaid.

Chris Woodley’s autobiographical solo show The Soft Subject (A Love Story) invites us back into the classroom to learn about loss, survival, and Brazil nuts! In this highly-energetic, pop-fuelled, heart-on-the-sleeve account, Woodley playfully explores the peaks and troughs of wanting it all in the modern world. He also asks some challenging questions about how our culture shapes our assumptions about love. This is a play about family, failure, mental health, and the fact that not all lessons can be learnt in school.

The show has been developed in London and Iceland with support from Shoreditch Town Hall, Greenwich Theatre and Arts Depot, and in connection with mental health charity MQ Mental Health. This is an Edinburgh Fringe Preview.


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