Lost to the Universe – artist spotlight

‘I was very pleased to find out that I was exhibiting at the Bethlem Gallery. This last decade I have been concentrating with work of forms and colours. My poetry expresses hard times in the past and optimistic views of the future. I feel that now I look forward in colour instead of looking at the past in black and white. Geometric shapes fascinate me because of my mathematical background. I feel that I am where I want to be in life and this show is the pinnacle of this.

I refound a love of art late through my recovery. I stopped doing art after my A Levels, my interest just went. Then I got really unwell and my skills seemed to vanish. I am pleased to say my skills returned, but with an interesting new understanding of shape and colour. I am now extremely prolific in both art and poetry . I don’t know how this happened but I am grateful.

I don’t start with anything in mind, I just make the first few strokes and when it’s starting to look like something, I focus and get lost in it”



The people didn’t matter

Sitting on a green chair

On a green carpet

Takes me far away

I make patterns in the fabric

I didn’t know what day it was

I didn’t even choose my clothes this morning

Lost to the Universe

But connected by the fibres of a hideous green carpet

– By Kim


Please join us at the private view on Wednesday 17 August at 4pm to hear Kim read her selection of poems.

Lessons in limericks will be taking place on Saturday 27 August at 1-2pm. Please come along and learn how to write a limerick, with handy tips and inspiration from Kim. Please click here to book