What Remains: Anatomy of an Artist

Join Bethlem Gallery maker Mr X at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios for

What remains… Anatomy of an Artist: a festival of 10 new works

21 May 2016 | 2pm—9pm
22 May 2016 | 12pm—6pm
Day pass £15 / Weekend pass £25
Concessions: Day pass £12 / Weekend pass £20
Booking via info@siobhandavies.com

Siobhan Davies Dance and Independent Dance jointly present the 6th edition of the WHAT festival series.

‘What remains…’ celebrates the way in which the practice of others stimulates, refracts and transforms our own ideas, attitudes and processes. Inspired by French forensic scientist Edmond Locard’s basic principle that “every contact leaves a trace”, each of the featured works examines the anatomy of an artist – their methods, inspirations, influences, biography, or their actual physicality.

‘Being Mr X’ by Michaela Ross and Olga Masleinnikova, co-created with Mr X, Josip Lizatovic and Gil Ratcliffe.

Masleinnikova and Ross present the work of Mr X, an artist resident at the Bethlem Royal Hospital. Mr X uses his own body to determine the scale of each work, using arm and leg measurements as basic units, operating within the constraints (visible and invisible) imposed on him by the space and staff.