Letting the Light In

Join us on #BlueMonday, 25 January, 5 – 7pm, to celebrate Letting the Light In a collaborative exhibition with Daily Life Ltd and Outside In.

Daily Life Ltd is proud to present this exhibition of work by thirty five artists, illuminating our understanding of the experience of mental distress.

Bobby Baker’s pioneering Stratford-based arts and mental health organisation, Daily Life Ltd, has teamed up with Outside In and Bethlem Gallery to exhibit work on light boxes in the streets of East London responding to the theme of ‘Letting the Light In‘. The exhibition title is a reference to Groucho Marx’ great line: “Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.”

Venue: Stratford Library, The Grove, E15 1EL

The exhibition continues to 24 March 2016



Above artwork: Alignment by George Harding. The work belongs to the collection of the Bethlem Museum of the Mind