The Verrelic Magi, Arrival

Xavier White wishes you seasonal greetings with:

The Verrelic Magi, Arrival.

Bethlem Royal Hospital’s chapel.

Spreading light in the season of good will, bringing in an inspired 2016 of imagination and possibility.

Opening Wednesday December 16th with Bethlem Royal Hospital’s Carol Service at 3pm.

The Installation progresses until 15th January 2016.

Bethlem Chapel | Royal Bethlem Hospital | Monks Orchard Road | Beckenham | Kent

Open 10am – 4pm

Contact Bethlem Chaplain via Maudsley switchboard 020 3223 6000, or Xavier White 0788 99 72 374

This December artist Xavier White shows his Verrelic Spires glass sculptures at the Bethlem Royal Hospital’s Chapel. The Verrelic Magi, Arrival is held to add to the festive feel for all, and in celebration of his voluntary work with South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM). This is his third exhibition he has held in conjunction with SLaM, welcoming in a new inspirational 2016. Xavier’s work has been shown at the Bethlem Gallery in April 2015 and at the Maudsley Learning Centre in 2014.

Xavier is a survivor of a serious head injury he received at 18 years old. Cycling home one night, he was involved in a road traffic accident on Peckham Rye, and was treated at SLaM’s Maudsley Hospital, Camberwell. This triptych of exhibitions in the Bethlem and Maudsley Hospitals has enabled Xavier to further his artistic learning journey and rehabilitation.

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Verrelic Spires

“Verrelic Spires are metamorphosed with thought and effort, given a new aesthetic, existence, in space, a changed place, form, identity. Stimulating thought through glass spires, to inspire reflection. The connections of the objects represent the connections within the brain and the glass is a metaphor for the contradictory fragility and strength of the brain.  The symbolism of these Verrelic Molds is represented in the title – Verrelic Spires – Verre (French for glass) + Malic (see Marcel Duchamp, Large Glass 1920) = Verrelic.  The spires act as complex multifaceted objects, symbolising my interest and investigations into the processes involved in human learning, in itself an infinitely faceted subject.

 The aim of creating them to begin with was to explore the assembly of the glass pieces, incorporating their lines, patterns and facets.

 The material and aesthetic process is very important to me, selecting the component parts, assembling the connections, cleaning the objects, stretching their shapes, and building the reach of the spire. Each one is like a separate thought fired across a neural pathway.

These appropriated / recycled sparkling clear glass objects, make me think of connecting ideas, neural transmitters, interpretation, fitting together, tough but brittle, reaching towers, building thoughts, neurons, communicating one to another…spires, inspiring.”

– Xavier White